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We are feeder portal and all trials available are direct with the clubs or approved feeder organization.

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Here at the a.f.c we understand that your quest for a professional contract can not only be physically demanding on the field, but can also take it’s toll off the field with the mountains of information available pointing you in different directions. It takes a good amount of research and smart decisions if you’re looking to proceed down the route of football trials days with plenty of companies available that don’t have the adequate network available in order to provide you with the...

Training and practicing is key no matter your age or skill level. If your goal is to become a professional soccer player, you can't waste your time playing other sports or taking time off. Staying in shape and always involved in a team is the best way to be ready when the opportunity comes. So, if you know football  is your passion, you’re willing to put in the work and you want to make a career of it? You will already know that a...

Talent identification is the holy grail of scouting.                                                                                                   The ability to unearth a diamond in the rough, whether it be spotting the next Lionel Messi playing in a kids game on a Saturday morning or the new Jamie Vardy slugging it out on muddy semi-pro pitches. AFC was set up to give a voice to the men travelling the globe in search of football’s next stars. Talent Identification is one of the training courses it provides which attracts a wide range...