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We are feeder portal and all trials available are direct with the clubs or approved feeder organization.

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Firstly – we suggest you watch our website videos which explain exactly how we work and if you haven’t registered with us, do so now – it’s completely free, there is no obligation to buy anything and we send you an incredible FREE report with top advice from scouts, coaches and football experts to help you with your football! Now a little bit about us:


AFC Soccer Trials are officially the world’s largest and most successful soccer agency – we run more trail events and place more players into pro and semi pro club football trials than anyone else. Holder of the “FEEFO Gold Trusted Merchant award” for 5 years in a row by achieving 96% good or excellent independent reviews from our players. We exist because although the UK has one of the best scouting networks in the world, if you are not part of, or get released from the pro / semi pro club system. it can be incredibly hard to get (back) into it. Players get hugely frustrated – sending CV’s and videos to clubs very rarely leads to a trial simply because the clubs get so many of them. Sadly many clubs do not even consider any football trial applications coming direct from players. People often say that “if you are good enough you will be seen” – this is not our experience. Certainly, if you are a striker scoring 2-3 goals every game you may attract attention but very often you are relying on a scout watching your game looking for a player in your position with your style of play and, if that’s not hard enough, you need to be playing well enough in the match they are watching to stand out. Is it any wonder that players who are good enough are regularly missed? 

By getting multiple scouts to trial events who are all looking for players and giving you more time to impress in both a training and match scenario we move the odds far more in your favour. We are not saying it will be easy and we certainly cannot promise you will be scouted (nobody can do that!) but we are saying that those of you who think you are good enough will have a genunine chance to show it and impress multiple scouts in a quality training and match environment. Our results prove the system works:

AFC Soccer Trials have built up a scouting network which covers a huge network of clubs in the UK as well as contacts in countries across the world. It is the quantity of scouts across divisions from the Premier League to European league we have at our football trial events that provide the opportunities for players – we have interviewed many of them and send you their best advice free to help give you the maximum chance to be scouted! If you’re wondering how many scouts attend our football trials it does vary but there will between 10-15, representing clubs at all different levels of the game to give you the maximum opportunity! For example, we always tell older players that without a strong pro club background, it’s highly unlikely (although not impossible) a Premeir league or Championship or even league 1 club will be interested. It’s essential for us to have these lower league opportunities at our trials as a realistic entry level is from league 2 down to semi-professional level where you have the opportunity to work your way through the leagues with strong performances.

We regularly hold events across the UK with football trials in London, football trials in Manchester, football trials football trials in Nigeria and football trials in Ghana.

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